BMDCA 2019 National Specialty Videos

Easy Reference Movie List

Movie 01: Dog Classes 6-9m thru AOH
Movie 02: Dog Classes BBE thru Winners Dog and Veterans
Movie 03: Bitch Classes 6-9m thru AOH
Movie 04: Bitch Classes BBE thru Winners Bitch and Veterans
Movie 05: NonReg Multi - Stud Dog, Brood Bitch, Brace, Team
Movie 06: Best of Breed Dog Groups and Cuts
Movie 07: Best of Breed Bitch Groups, Final Judging & NOHS
Movie 08: Futurity Dogs, Bitches, Bests
Movie 09: Top 20 and Junior Show
Movie 10: Puppy Sweepstakes Dogs
Movie 11: Puppy Sweepstakes Bitches and Best
Movie 12: Veteran Sweeps & Parade of Veterans
Movie 13: Versatility Showcase & Titleholders Parade