ShowDogVideoPros NEW DVD Store!

ShowDogVideoPros NEW DVD Store!

Feb 15th 2014

There is a big buzz around the hallways here at ShowDogVideoPros!  After 8-9 years of struggling with GoDaddy hosting our store, we finally moved to a new provider.  You can be sure that this was not a trivial task!

As you will see, this new interface offers a number of advantages vs our old store, including a very fast page loading time, easy-to-use menu system, and a slick one-page checkout method.

We are always trying to improve so if you find something that could be better, or just want to send us kudos, please feel free to e-mail us at:

Have fun cruising the site.  Be sure to also check out our new Streaming Video Platform.  There are some very cool NEW features there too, such as FREE slow motion effects, and FREE unlimited Photo Snaps from the video.  Check it out!

- Irv aka 'Dr. K'