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CCA 2016 National Specialty Videos

Don't forget to choose either Standard Definition (regular) DVDs or Hi-Definition Blu Rays.
Also, now offering Blu-Ray and DVD Disc extended warranty - a super value! 
Easy Reference Disc List

  • Disc 01: Rough Dogs 6-9m thru BBE
  • Disc 02: Rough Dogs AmBred thru Winners Dog
  • Disc 03: Rough Bitches 6-9m thru 12-18m
  • Disc 04: Rough Bitches BBE thru Winners Bitch
  • Disc 05: Rough NonRegular Classes - Veterans, Herding, Stud, Brood, Brace
  • Disc 06: Rough BOV Best of Variety Dog Groups & Cuts
  • Disc 07: Rough BOV Best of Variety Bitches and Bests
  • Disc 08: Smooth Dogs 6-9m thru Winners, Vets, Herding, Stud Dogs
  • Disc 09: Smooth Bitches 6-9m thru Winners, Vets, Herding, Brood Bitches
  • Disc 10: Smooth BOV Dog Groups & Cuts and Brace Class
  • Disc 11: Smooth BOV Bitches and Bests
  • Disc 12: Intervariety Best of Breed, TOP 10, Junior Show & Versatility Awards
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